Black Inks 

Bideford Black. 
This unique pigment is a rich, deep black that is geographically specific to North Devon. It is composed of fossilized ferns from 300 million years ago. The pigment exists in 3 forms, a hard anthracite coal, a thick black clay and a fine smutty powder. Available as a pigment or refined ink for writing and drawing.£15.00  per 50mls
P & P  £3.00

Vine, Plant, Carbon, Lamp

VINE ink, derived from plant material including Vines, Willow and Birch made naturally from a charcoal base. The Egyptians & Chinese have used this of ink from 3,000 BC
Carbon Ink                    from soot
   Bone Black                  charred bones
Vegetable Black                Burnt Vines
         Lamp Black                 Oil & fat lamps
A whole clove is added to the finished Ink