All Inks are made from natural sustainable resources refined and bottled in Devon.

Ink is a simple mix of a pigment and a carrier, usually water. A binder such as Gum Arabic or honey can be added. Some inks may require a mordant like, vinegar, salt or wine. Natural inks have a whole clove added to the finished bottle as a preservative.

Walnut Ink

This ink is a beautiful warm brown with a rich satin finish that is lightfast. Walnuts are sourced in Autumn and processed in the studio. it also makes a great wood stain which may be diluted for paler, more subtle shades.
£12.50 per 50 mil bottle.  P & P  £3.00

About the work

Set of 4 Natural InksExmoor Oak Gall 50 mls
Vine Black 50 mls
Warm Walnut 50 mls
Biddy Black 50mls
£12.50 per bottle
£40.00 per set of 4.